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The Chemistry of Great Friends and Well-Appointed Rooms

Each morning, I start my day with a cup of coffee and if I'm lucky, a few minutes on my iPad to absorb the latest on decor websites. So this morning, as I was looking through one of my favorite sites, I began to think about how great friends are like well-decorated rooms. Each is like a chemical experiment, when certain elements are added or eliminated, the outcome can change.

The components that make up an incredibly designed room or best friends sometimes seem to materialize over night, while in other instances, it takes time to cultivate the parts that make up a good friendship or a fantastically decorated room.

Seeing a great friend is like walking into a well-designed space; both make me smile. Like having a good friend, a thoughtfully designed room is a reflection of you. Sometimes their power is underestimated, but at their finest, they bring security, peace and have a way of refueling your spirit.

No single room or friend is alike. One room may be casually hip and another may be vibrant and daring. You may have a few or many, but each one may speak to your heart and have a way of defining who you are. What you see at first, may not be all that they offer. Each has layers and when you step back to examine them, the real beauty shines through. Like a well-appointed room, a good friendship is sometimes only achieved after years of work. The time it takes to find that vintage chandelier that makes your room sing, can be compared to the curation of experience within our relationships. Great rooms and great friends all tell a story and no two are exactly alike.

Sometimes friends and seemingly perfect rooms can stand the test of time, while in other instances, you know that it's time to start fresh. Seasons pass and tastes change, people grow and styles evolve but around each corner lies a new opportunity. In your hunt for the treasures in your life, keep in mind, that what you find beautiful, someone else may not. You must fill your life with people and dwell within spaces that bring you happiness. Despite what others may think, when you find a special friend or the ottoman you simply love, stick with your heart and intuition. The reward is sometimes found in the risk taken.

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