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Moxie Interiors

Updated: May 22, 2019

Welcome to the Moxie Interiors website, where presentation does matter. Within this site, I'll share my insight and knowledge on all things related to environmental aesthetics.

Stated plainly, appearance can be everything. Every time you step out into the world or invite someone into your home or office, you offer a glimmer of who you are. Your own physical appearance and the way you maintain your environment can say a lot about you. When words are not present, appearance does the speaking.

Interior design can impact your personality, mood and feelings, so, creating spaces that not only move you, but represent who you are, is what I strive to accomplish.

I'll regularly share advice and inspiration for making your world just a little more beautiful. I hope you'll stick around! ~Laura

~photograph by Nitin Pauletti~

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