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Natural Beauty

live succulent display
Bridal Shower Centerpieces

My brother will be married in less than a week! If I'm not decorating someone's home or office, my next favorite thing is to plan a party...especially the party decorations! Rachel is Chad's fiance' and I am very excited to have her join our family so what better way to help welcome her than to help host the bridal shower! For this shower, I found raw wood planters, drilled the necessary drain holes and applied a polyurethane finish. Once they were cured, I planted live succulents and inserted fresh cut ivory roses. The party room had a warm but rustic décor with stone walls and wrought iron scrolls on the floor-to-ceiling windows. The wooden planters filled with succulents and soft candle light provided a lush organic feel to the space. Live plants are always my first choice to bring life to a room.

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